Nowadays, the value of professional Website Design and development services in Canada has gone more imperative than ever. It takes care of virtual rankings and conversion rates for a constant profit. When users love to interact with your website, you earn positive impression which makes your rest sales conversion process easy. One positive user experience earned today equals to 100 times your current ROI in future – a tremendous blow to your profit.

As an ideal Web Design Company of Canada, we offer you that competitive edge with our SEO friendly Website Design services. We help you maximize your first impression with users and stand tall amongst your competitors’ websites in the industry. With 75+ years of cumulative team experience, we know very well how to design a website to reach high-value users and transform them from leads to customers.

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What you will get

We ensure your website follows best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for better ranking in relevant search results. With higher ranking there comes better visibility followed by more traffic and improved sales. With a team of 30+ digital marketers in our Web Design Agency, we tailor your web design accordingly.
We have unlimited style options to choose from. If you need a sophisticated design that better articulates your products and their price, our designers can achieve that for you. Some prefer their website simple and attractive whereas some go for high-end designs. In case you’re not sure which one to go for, we can help if you let us know your business, goals and vision.
Creating engaging copies is the secret ingredient to improved conversions. That’s why we have expert copywriters from technical and non-technical background to offer bespoke copywriting under our website and designing service. The content will be highly SEO optimized to land your website near the top of search results.
With more than 80% of the traffic representing mobile users, we feel it’s imperative to make your website mobile-friendly. Our responsive design aids Google’s mobile-first index policy – crawling pages from the perspective of a mobile user. It helps Google in modifying your ranking in search results and bringing you close to your target audience.
We offer hassle-free database integration service under our web development & designing package to develop exact type of database you want. Not sure what type you need? Walk us through your business goals and we will suggest you which one to go for- basic, advanced or full development.
Our experts can help you add ecommerce functionalities to your website. You will have all major elements necessary to offer your visitors a hassle-free shopping experience. You can accept different types of payments, manage inventories and monitor sales- all from a single dashboard.

A CMS (Content Management System) can increase the marketing efficiency of your content. We can build CMS-powered websites in-line with your requirements to offer unmatched level of personalization for future requirements. All you need to decide which type of CMS to go for- Standard, Advanced or Enterprise.

Our Design Mantra

As an experienced Professional Web Designer, we follow CLASH methodology to design websites.

We design your website with your purpose crystal clear in mind. From lead generation to making online sales, the design varies accordingly. With your purpose we anticipate well what your prospects would be looking for the moment they land on your website.
Then we give it a layout that heavily favors you for audience retention. For example, we mostly follow F-shaped pattern with major focus on left, upper left and top of your screen. A right layout always helps users to go through your content naturally. If done right, the outcomes are well-experienced in terms of audience engagement and conversion of your sales page.
Attention goes where energy flows. Keeping this universal law as one of our metrics, we use best design techniques and extra visual appeals to develop an emotional connection with your audience.
Simplicity has always been the philosophical thumb rule for displaying ultimate business sophistication. That’s why as an expert Website Designer of Canada, we design your website in simplest manner by incorporating easy-to-read texts, light images and clear navigation menus. It helps you clearly communicate your ideas with visitors and navigate them from Point A to Point B with ease.
There are five major elements for visual hierarchy – size, color, contrast, alignment and whitespace. We use big elements and bright colors to accentuate important messages for more attention. It is also followed by strategic placement of elements and whitespace wisely and correctly to create perfect visual hierarchy for organic client retention.

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Will my website look same on all computers?

Yes, we make sure that by handling a lot of factors such as loading speed, simple architecture, browser compatibility, etc. This makes sure your visitors will have a great user experience on your website irrespective of internet speed, browser type and size of thir computers.

What is CMS?

A Content Management System [CMS] enables users to edit their website without any knowledge of coding. You can make small design changes from an internal dashboard with ease. We help our clients to manage their websites by making them familiar with CSM before delivery.

Will my site work on all types of phones and iPads?

Yes, we employ responsive website design for optimal viewing experience on any type of phone. With auto resizing, panning and scrolling, your website will accommodate all screens for easy reading and navigation. We keep your users experience on high priority always.

What is web hosting?

In order to publish your website, you need a web hosting service. A good hosting service provider makes sure your website is up and running 24/7 without any technical glitch. If you are new to all these, as a customer-centric web development & design Consultant, we will guide you to choose the best hosting service provider for your requirement.

Will my site be SEO friendly?

Yes, we will make your website fully accessible and indexable by all search engines so that you get more traffic. We use descriptive filename and Alt Texts for images. We also add transcripts to your content in Audio and Video format leaving no chance of positive indexing behind. In short, we build your site SEO friendly to make a search engine’s job easy.

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