When you have a saturated market to penetrate or need to establish a strong brand image, two things matter the most- Quality of Service and a Diverse Client Portfolio. You can manifest quality by hiring the best people in the town. But for the latter, you still have to hunt potential clients on a daily basis. That’s where the real test of balance between work and marketing comes into the picture. Either, you can choose to flare at both, investing much of your productive time or can outsource the hardest part while focusing your energy on client conversion.

At BCloud, we handle your core IT operations smoothly so that you can save on capital and overhead costs. We have people with proven expertise in revolutionary IT niches which means you save on hiring and training too! With skilled resources and promise of high deliverance, you can put your focus back on core competencies.

Utilize our skilled resources to maximize your deliverables

What we offer

We help you adopt next-gen technologies to monetize on vertical applications and become future-ready. When you build your portfolio on intelligent technologies, you attain the height of customer excellence and reap the best results. We have orchestrated digital transformation for 100+ small and mid-sized companies with the help of following technologies –

Embrace proactive IT architectures with BCloud

As an ideal IT outsourcing partner, we can handle the followings for you

Hire us and deploy intuitive vortals in the industry

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Significant cost advantage
We engineer skills at a domain depth to reduce cost and thereby experience revenue on a long-term basis. By saving on initial groundwork, you expect nothing but an iterative return on your investment.

Increased accountability
You can rely on our team members who have been harnessing viral interfaces of IT for the last 8+ years. They can help you easily grow a magnetic customer-oriented brand image with their industry experience.

Compact development cycle
To transform your IT deliveries, we use flexible SDLC methodologies with room for multiple rounds of refinement. We take user feedback early to best avoid or mitigate potential threats during the initial phase of development.

Transparent Reporting
We harness the trust of our clients with bespoke and transparent reporting. We quantify and document our progress and report back to you on a daily/weekly basis. As the project unfolds, these reports help you towards amending revisions with informed decision making, before it gets too late.

Comprehensive Options
We deploy value-added services to offer you best-in-class service experience. With a dedicated team ready to incubate one-to-one service, you rest assured of
● 24/7 helpdesk support
● Strong Security Management
● Periodic Data backup and management
● Hassle-free Network installation and upgrades
● On-site service
● Express Disaster Data recovery

Our Mantra

Our outsourcing advisory team recommends a comprehensive approach to handle IT outsourcing. It is based on six phases and we call it “CLOUD” in short.

Clear Assessment
Here we access the viability of your offer, including the size and shape of the deal. Keeping the essential elements in mind, we analyze it through our matured view of strategies to be implemented. We also help you understand the total project cost with its ROI to get a view of the likely benefits at a later stage.
Low-budget Proposal
In this phase we prepare a detailed proposal against your requirement with all services clearly defined in-scope of the procurement. We develop a high level commercial and financial structure of the deal and define the milestones of your success. We prepare according to your required operational model and develop financial model tax input for accurate cost analysis.
Outstanding Commitment
At this stage both your Organization and Bcloud showcase the commitment towards a hassle-free IT outsourcing as per the agreed contract. We develop a transition and transformation plan that is accepted to both parties. On the other hand, you sign-off details on people transition plan, organizational design, and delivery roadmap. After all outsourcing agreements are signed off , it’s now our turn to get the deal across the line as per our commitment..
Ultra-modern Transition
In this phase we initiate the process for a successful transition of work and resources from our client to us. We work under a robust transition plan and follow a transparent reporting mechanism to let you track the progress. You can see how we identify operational leads and conduct leadership coaching sessions to implement a solid operating model.
Deemed Optimization
We offer you a steady-state management of your IT work after successfully transferring the operational responsibilities. We do so by continuously optimizing our process and delivery methodologies. Our professionals also keep a tap on new technologies and innovations in the market. We never take a back seat when it comes to implement them for technical improvements.


Do you have adequate infrastructure to support my business process?

As we run on Cloud model, we have a flexible technical infrastructure to handle business of any size. With best-in-class industry experts, we have never failed any of our clients of any issues generated out of an ill technical infrastructure, at least.

How do you take care of security and privacy issues?

We sign off a non-disclosure service agreement with you prior to transferring the operations. On the other hand, we have CCTVs, firewalls and VPNs installed for tightly monitoring inbound and outbound security of our online and offline infrastrures.

How does your pricing model work?

We are a customer-oriented company and thus employ customized pricing models for your IT outsourcing needs. Like we have explained in our Mantra, we make a pricing model based on the scope of the project and degree of skill-levels required. So, unless we have a detailed project discussion, it’s difficult to state any definite pricing model.

Let’s help you

Speak your mind to help us understand your requirements better. We are sure to come up with a solution you’ve been looking for all these years.

Hire us and set a new benchmark in the IT industry like never before.

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