It takes only 1.7 seconds for an average user to decide whether to click or to skip an advertisement. In this regard, only a well-planned digital marketing strategy can yield favorable results. The “Plan” here refers to a broad analysis of market, customer behavior and product demand at a deeper level. It also requires constantly monitoring campaigns, frequently changing metrics and efficiently adopt viral marketing strategies from time to time.
As an ideal Digital Marketing agency in Brampton, Bcloud adheres to all these principles. Before we start your campaign, first we evaluate your current position in the market. Accordingly, we line up best strategies to help you easily penetrate the market. Our fifteen years of experience of building successful marketing strategies will help you bubble up positive brand impression in astronomically less time possible.

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What we offer

We equally focus on all three dimensions of SEO- Technical, On-Page and Off-Page.
Under On-Page SEO, we target best keywords, create high quality content and optimize them with those keywords at the right place. Your page ranks quickly with low-competition keywords and you reap instant benefits.
Any optimization involving no-content elements comes under this category. For example, we improve your site’s backend structure, readability, and user experience to offer your visitors a quality browsing experience. As a result, you get more traffic and experience better engagement rates.

It’s all about building your site’s reputation and authority. We draw quality backlinks from relevant high domain authority websites. These signals search engines about your site’s trust factor and you start to rank fast.

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Brampton Services

Social Media Marketing

Create a winning Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy to drive quality traffic back to your website. While competition of attention is fierce on social media, you need to be more proactive to earn organic impression through your SMM efforts.
We prepare customized strategy template for an effective SMM and build it from scratch after clearly analyzing your objectives and current stand in the market. We measure success of your campaign through following metrics

  • Website Traffic
  • Brand Authority
  • Audience Retention
  • Increased Sales figure
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Increased PR Mentions

Also, we never leave your competitors out of the equation. We benchmark their strategy and keep improving yours to weigh your presence more in the final equation.

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Local Search Optimization

It’s all about showing up in local search results, targeting any particular location such as Vancouver or Montreal in Canada. It becomes extremely necessary when your service is limited to any certain geographic boundaries. If you optimize well, you receive high purchase intent customers leading to more success.

We channel your local traffic from search engines to your website by focusing on three factors-

  • Proximity: Mapping Area under the target
  • Relevance: Displaying ads in front of the potential buyers
  • Prominence: Building Brand Impression for your audience
  • We create your local search appearance in the form of
  • Organic search results
  • Paid Search Engine Results
  • Google My Business Results
    Google Guaranteed Listings

Also, we make your site mobile friendly, correctly display your address in the website, create a Google My Business page, build business citations and optimize your site with local keywords for guaranteed results.

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Pay-Per-Click marketing is the powerful arsenal to grow your online visibility, drive traffic and generate sales in a short span of time. We cleverly optimize your ads (Search Advertising & Display Advertising) so that you receive maximum clicks in a limited budget.
As an ideal Digital Marketing agency in Brampton, we have certified professionals to handle your PPC campaigns.

We run PPC campaigns for

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora

We identify popular search terms relevant to your business that customers regularly search for. We then create ads based on those keywords. They appear on search results and when users click on them, they land on your service page.
However, a lot of things go in the background to make your Ad Campaigns a sure success. For example, we analyze display networks, device types, and specific geographic areas to laser target the right audience for you.
Once the campaigns are live, we regularly monitor conversion rates, remove costly keywords, split up ad groups and improve landing pages to draw even more favorable results.

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Our Mantra as an ideal Digital Marketing agency in Brampton

We follow TIDAL principle to create strong Digital Marketing campaigns for your business.

Thorough Research
In this stage, we collect all the requisite elements to create a blueprint for your digital marketing strategies. We collect information about your business, your products, and your target audiences. Then we analyze your competitors and evaluate their online marketing strategies to gain competitive advantages.
Information creation
We laser focus on three core entities- Website function, Social Media Presence, and Search Engine Optimization. For that, we collect all the required data and we convert them into essential information. Our marketers use those information to set goals and developing strategies accordingly. It gives us a proper understanding of how, when, and where to market your Brand.
Digital Identity Promotion
After we set up individual marketing strategies for each digital entity, we then start our promotion activities. Our prime focus is you enhance your digital presence, which is only possible by improving your traffic rate. Our team of content creators and marketers works in unison by regularly posting relevant content on various digital platforms. We separate a team of technicians who rectify all the technical faults on your website and ensure it complies with the latest algorithms of popular search engines. As a result, your brand always remains on the first page whenever a customer searches about a relevant product.
Analyzing Outcomes
This includes the most important phase, i.e., monitoring. In this stage, we closely analyze our promotions’ performance by retrieving analytics from our promoted links. We study the traffic allocation, audiences’ engagement rate, and conversion ratio.
Load Changes
Once we accumulate all the analytics, we thoroughly inspect the performance of each link. We segregate successful content from the weak ones. Then we continue with responsive posts, remove weak contents, and modify our marketing strategies accordingly.


Why invest in digital marketing?

More than 1.7billions websites exist on the internet. Meaning, unless you start promoting your brand, the likelihood of being noticed in the eyes of target audiences is close to none.
Consider digital marketing as an online version of conventional marketing. You need it because you want to generate more leads, create awareness of your brand, and convert your potential buyers into valuable customers. With the support of the right Digital Marketing agency in Brampton, you can easily make an eminent digital presence within a short duration.

How does a website increase sales?

It entirely depends on what route you choose for marketing. There are two forms of digital marketing- Organic and paid. The success through Organic marketing is slow but long-lasting & cheaper. It slowly and steadily builds your brand presence, and enhances your ranking in the search engine platform.

Alternatively, paid marketing offers faster results. The results are for a minimum duration and will costs you more than its counterpart. You can contact our Digital Marketing agency in Brampton to know more about it.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO or Local search marketing is an efficient way to promote your local business online. It allows you to target customers within a certain region such as New York, Sydney, or anywhere your business exists. In this way, you can enhance your brand visibility and draw more customers towards your store.

How much do digital marketing services cost?

Again, it depends on your campaign. It can start somewhere from $1000 per month to $5000+ per month. Depending upon the level of market penetration required, we optimize your budget. Give us a call to know what should be your ideal budget to start your campaign now!

Which online marketing services are best for my business?

It is case specific. If you are a new business but need fast results, PPC can help you more than organic marketing SEO. Meanwhile, if you already have a strong brand presence but want to accelerate current sales figure, you’ll require organic SEO.

Again, there is no general digital marketing thumb rule. Irrespective of the plan chosen, you need constant monitoring and optimization to achieve success. Let’s help you understand these nuances better.

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